NetLogic Microsystems (NETL) is a provider of advanced-technology network co-processors, search engines, and subsystems. which enable the global infrastructure of networking and optical communications to achieve high performance and functionality. NetLogic's solutions bring OC-192/768 wire-speed performance to a variety of key networking applications. 


Aktino delivers MIMO on DMT Platforms to enable service providers to deliver business-class broadband services throughout the entire Carrier Serving Area over existing copper loops. 


Cydelity was founded to address the exposive growth in online fraud. Cydelity's non-intrusive solution requires no change to an organization's infrastructure or web applications, and its flexible remediation allows institutions to apply corrective action, from passive alerting to active intervention, at the individual activity level. 


Touchdown Technologies designs, manufactures, and supports advanced MEMS probecards to support the production wafer test needs of worldwide semiconductor manufacturers. 


Soma Networks provides a full-service flexible wireless, voice, and data solution. This product addresses the needs of the small residential local-services market, which includes consumers, telecommuters, SOHO workers, and small businesses.


Datanautics is a leading provider of enterprise analytics software solutions that help companies gain comprehensive insight into online customer behavior and make timely decisions. 


Gyration is a provider of hardware and software solutions that remove the technological barrier between input devices and digital displays in the business communications, PC, and home enterntainment markets.

Acquired by Thomson SE


Integrated Micromachines manufactures MEMS-based optical switches, developed from its proprietary ELITE (Extremely Low-loss Inductive Torsional Engine) design, that enable superior all-optical switching and routing.


Thermawave is a world leader in the development, manufacturing, marketing and service of process
control metrology equipment. Thermawave provides precision measurement systems that facilitate process control leading to lab productivity enhancement.


Sequoia Communications is a fabless semiconductor company developing technology for one of most exciting parts of the communication system: radio and physical layer signal processing. Sequoia's new radio transceivers and circuit designs will enable signal processing algorithms for wireless communications.


Molecular Imprints provides super-high-resolution contact lithography systems to the nano-technology industry.


Integrated Space designs and builds superior software-based, multi-media, and home-automation systems.



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