For later-stage investments, where investee companies have already achieved a certain financial stability, Huntington gives investment priority to those companies that match the strengths of its partners and to whom they can add significant value. Huntington provides resources both as an equity investor and as an experienced guide in business development. Its partners have run early-stage companies; they know the imposing obstacles facing entrepreneurs in getting their plans off the ground. Our founding partners have played central roles in the early development of companies such as: Sun Microsystems, Innovent Systems, Magellan Systems, and Octel.


Based upon the capital requirement of the early-stage investment, Huntington Ventures will lead the investment, participate with others, or work to attract other venture-capital financing. A typical initial investment for Huntington is expected to fall within a range of $500,000 to $1.5 million, although we anticipate making smaller investments as well. With the business growth of portfolio companies, the investment of Huntington will also grow. Should a financing round reach a $5- to $10-million level, Huntington is positioned to work with company management to raise the profile of the offering and to attract another high-profile venture investor. Huntington achieves this goal by partnering and syndicating deals with some of the top-tier venture firms in the country.


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